Artist Profile: Faisal Warsani in Detail

“My work is centered thematically around the sea, which allows me the freedom to explore the many shapes of water.
Beachside memories and the constant desire to escape are what inspire me."
Faisal Warsani

Faisal is a big fan of our Miniature Paint Brushes and has used them in many of his works. ⁠⁠Between his work and preparing gallery shows he took his time and sat with us for a short interview and you'll have the chance to find out where his creative ideas come from and his favorite art materials.

faisal warsani daco blog artist profile

Hi Faisal! Tell us a little about yourself

I love the water and when I'm at the beach, it feels like home. There's a sense of belonging and I'd live on a boat if I could.

faisal warsani daco fine detail blog

How did you start your artistic journey?

My childhood consisted of a lot of alone time. I spent many hours drawing or coloring and entering art contests at my local library with my mom. And I took art lessons when I was around twelve years old all throughout high school which formed a solid foundation for my skills.

faisal warsani daco blog

How has your work changed as you progressed as an artist?

I think my work is getting more sophisticated so I'm happy to see that.

Do you ever get in a creative rut? How do you get out?

Creative ruts are way too common and I wish there was an easy way out. There isn't, the only way around it is through it. So I've learned to work every day whether I feel like it or not. And I allow myself a day off once in a while just to take a step away. Ultimately, you can't force breakthroughs but the least you can do is show up for yourself and try anyway.

faisal warsani daco blog artist profile

How did you find your personal style?

My interests have remained the same throughout the years so that made finding my personal style easy. Miniature tropical landscapes just made sense to me.

What is your favorite part of your artistic process?

Finishing a painting!

What advice would you give to a beginner artist?

Sometimes the best thing to do for your work is to let go. Holding on so tightly to the idea you have in your head could be stopping you from creating honestly. It's important to relax your body and paint from within.

faisal warsani daco blog fine detail brushes

Favorite DACO product and why

Fine Detail Art Brushes because they changed everything for me. I use these brushes for every single painting I do because they're always useful and of high quality. And they fit perfectly in my hand.

Faisal, thank you for your time and openness. Guys, make sure to follow his online presence and engage with this fantastic artist!


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