The benefits of painting for kids

When kids start exploring their talents, one of the areas some may excel in is painting. Even though painting may not be every child’s cup of tea, it sure does have crucial benefits for every child's healthy development.
Art has a major impact in helping the young ones build strong physical, cognitive and emotional skills that can successfully be applied further on not only to their academic growth, but to their overall development as well. Recent studies have shown that participating in artistic activities during early childhood will improve the kids mental capacity, helping them to learn faster and more effectively.
Painting is more than just an activity, it's a way of expression. It helps children improve their senses, explore emotions, experiment processes and value results, discover colors, shades and also create outstanding works. In this article, we'll give you some insight into how painting art positively impacts your kids evolution.
While playing and having fun, your kiddo is actually strengthening the following skills:


One of the most important benefits that painting brings to a kids life is, of course, an enhanced creativity. Through painting, children will be able to get a better understanding of basic geometric shapes, such as squares, triangles or circles and to combine these shapes in expressing their own perception of the world surrounding them.

This process enriches children's creativity and challenges them to constantly use their imagination, it teaches them to overcome barriers and to be able to perceive the same thing from different perspectives.


Motor Skills

Although it’s not so obvious, painting helps in the child's physical development as well. When the child draws or paints, he trains his fine motor skills and by doing this he learns how to successfully engage in activities that require a high degree of attention and to always have a good control and stability over his own movements. Hand-eye coordination is also stimulated by painting and this will prove really useful for children when they begin writing.


Emotional development

When it comes to a child’s education, we should always take into account the emotions they feel. The emotional development has consistently been a vital part of the overall education process.

Children, especially the little ones, are mostly driven by emotion, not by rationality. That’s the main reason why they must learn from an early age how to control their emotions and how to use them in constructive ways. In this regard, painting is one of the best tools for upgrading a kid’s emotional development. It allows them to express their emotions through shapes and colors and thus it helps us understand them better.

Talk to your little ones about their paintings and drawings once they’re completed. In this way they will feel appreciated and they will also develop good communication skills.



The more paintings your kid creates and the more you discuss about them and display them, the more confident and ambitious they’ll become. Not only their confidence towards their creative abilities becomes stronger, but their self-confidence as individuals will strengthen day by day. As they are growing, they will find ease in interacting with others and they will be able to always express themselves freely.      


Visual perception

Through painting, children can practice and improve their visual perception, gaining the ability to understand such concepts as why things that are closer appear to be larger than things that are far away and learning the relationships between colors, highlighting contrasts and shades or how by mixing two different colors together you will be able to get a new one.


This being said, our mission here at DACO is to supply you with all the tools you need in order to be able to bring the joy of creating to the young ones in your family. Allowing kids to do what they know best — imagine, play, explore — through painting is a sure way of helping and supporting them as they are going through school and growing into adulthood.

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